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If you ever lived there, you'd know this is par for the course. Next they will pat themselves on the back for championing human rights, while half the south and southeast Asian workers in the country have their passports confiscated during their employm…

I added Indonesian sambal, so it's a "Bloody Mariam." Make them at home, save €10. #bloodymary

RT @TheEconomist: Why are bees thriving in Cuba?

RT @mommymadonna: I told my kid to shovel the snow. I checked my video cam to make sure he was doing it. This is what I see. #michigansnow

RT @jemelehill: My favorite superhero film of all time was Superman II, but Black Panther surprassed it because this is a moment we’ll never see again. Ryan Coogler is one of the best people I’ve ever known. He should be up for Best Director. This film is a love letter

She wanted a snowman. #givemyladieswhattheywant #snowday #amsterdam #groenburgwalcanal #halfassedsnowman

Shrimp and grits by yours truly. #madewithroux #icookthisishtoo

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