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⠀ #repost @wordporm⠀ • • •⠀ Time is a fickle thing.

For over 20 years, @julie.zuniga has shown up for the kind of stuff you don’t expect your high school journalism teacher to show up for. Not just funerals and birthday parties, but she helped me start a business - and still loved me after I blew it spect…

RT @KennyDucey: Kanye with the expert 000000 passcode

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Is there any way at all to get a response from customer service on any platform? Calls, tweets, emails go answered. Live chat feature on your site never works. @AirAsia sustomer service is about as good as your ability to take off and land on time. Please advise.

RT @RanttMedia: At Trump’s Montana rally, some of his supporters seemed irritated. Some seemed unenthusiastic and even bored. Is this why multiple supporters were swapped out?

Dawned on me that I have not personally put fuel in any vehicle since 2014. #bali #jimbaran #indonesia #iridemotorcylesnow #donttellmymom #thatsnotreallyamotorcycle #110cc

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